Guest Post || “How adoption is changing me.”

Rosalyn is a wife and mom to six children on earth + one in heaven. Having walked through losing their first baby girl, Janelle, I believe that their adoption story is a powerful testament of healing; not only for Megan but also for them.

Rosalyn wrote a beautiful tribute to Megan’s birth mom and with her permission I’ll share it here, along with a piece she wrote about adoption.


“Dear birth mother to my beautiful daughter,

Today is birth-mother day and I’m thinking of you.
In birthing this child, you graced the world with a wonderful gift.
She’s beautiful, mama.
I wonder if she got her love of music and salty, crunchy foods from you?
I wonder if you danced and swayed to music with her when she was tiny?
I wonder if you felt afraid and guilty when you realized that she was born with Down Syndrome? I wonder if your heart broke a million times when you no longer had your little girl to hold?
I wish you could see the delight and joy she brings into the world.
I wish you could experience both her gentle kisses and her feisty scolding finger,
her warm hugs, complete with gentle pats, and her delightful laugh.
She has a gentle personality, even her cry is quiet; but she also has hilarious spunk.

I’m sure you miss her, because women don’t birth babies and forget about them.
I know it wasn’t possible for you to keep her, but I want to thank and honor you today.
You will always be a part of her story.
I’m grateful that God used you to birth such a beautifully perfect baby.

Gratefully, her other Mama.”


“For years my husband and I prayed together about how God would have us minister to the fatherless. Our family continued to grow, but the call never left us. Eventually, the doors opened for us to adopt. When the doors opened,  they opened fast, and we were matched with Megan a week after we sent in our application!

A year later we traveled to China to meet Megan and complete her adoption. She’s been home for 6 months now, and we love her to bits, extra chromosome and all. Her gentle personality and her occasional stubbornness make her a special & unique addition to our family. She fits right in!



All throughout the adoption process, I thought we were adopting for Megan’s sake. But I’m beginning to see that this adoption was for me, too. I’m seeing things in a new way and it’s changing me.


Wesley Isaac arrived a five months after we brought Megan home.
Our family has undergone a lot of growth and changes in the past year!






The day we met Megan, we were perfect strangers. She was handed to us, and her life was completely turned upside down. Not a single thing was the same from that moment on.


She grieved her losses, and we loved on her until we won her trust.
Now I see that God allows me to grieve the life I thought I was going to live, and loves on me until I rest in the story He’s writing for my life. His story is much better than mine, it’s just not always what I expected.
Megan’s past is full of pain, loss, and abandonment. We don’t remind her of it, expecting her to be grateful that we turned her life upside-down. We comfort and love her the best we can and pray for God’s continued healing in her heart.


God loves me in spite of my painful and confusing past too. He heals the broken parts and makes beauty from my ashes. He rejoices over me with singing. I knew this in my head before, but now that I’ve seen in in action in my home, I believe it with my heart.
God blessed me with Megan’s adoption by showing me His heart of Love. That Love is changing the way I parent my difficult child, it’s changing the way I relate to people who frustrate me. I realize that I’m supposed to be a channel of that Love to those around me. I’m here to show Jesus’ love in human form. I am the hands and feet of Jesus.


This small portion of a song has been running thru my head a lot lately, and I love it because it’s shows a picture of the Love that God gives us in His generous open arms, even when we are undeserving.
I come broken to be mended,
I come wounded to be healed,
I come desperate to be rescued,
I come empty to be filled,
I come guilty to be pardoned
By the blood of Christ, the Lamb.
And I’m welcomed with open arms
Praise God! Just as I am.”

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