Travel || 22 hours in Greenville, SC

I shot a wedding this past weekend close to Greenville. We spent the next day exploring this beautiful, southern city. I had been here before and in true nostalgic fashion, I was happy to just revisit my favorite haunts. We were both craving some quiet space away from the busy schedule back home and Greenville provided us with the perfect retreat.


After a relaxed morning, we walked a few blocks from our hotel to Methodical Coffee where we read and wrote for several hours as we watched people stroll by. We each ordered a simple latte and we shared their ham, bacon and brie croissant; which was divine.


My brother in law, Merle gave me a copy of the Good Newspaper which was dreamed up and printed by entrepreneur, Branden Harvey. I’ve loved listening to Sounds Good which is Branden’s podcast channel. “Every single week we have conversations with people who are rejecting cynicism, doing the impossible and fighting to make the world a better place.”


We sat in silence; lost in our thoughts and letting the empty pages of our journals slowly fill up, but we also talked about the problems in the world and how we can help to solve them. I think this quote sums it up beautifully:

“The solution to feeling overwhelmed by the negative news and the difficult things happening in the world, isn’t to ignore it or even to put a positive spin on it, but to be part of the solution.” -B.H.



Methodical has a high ceiling with seating in the balcony, overlooking the barista bar. If you hit them in a slow spell, you might be able to find a spot to settle down in the balcony with a cuppa joe. When we got there, every seat in the balcony was taken and so we settled by the window, with an open view of all the people passing by.



They have done an artful job of making the dirty dish counter and the waste bin area seem attractive enough for pictures of Amy throwing our trash away before we walked out the door. Haha.


As we left, they handed us a voucher for a free pour over coffee. I was thrilled at the prospect of having coffee to go along with our drive home. But Amy had other thoughts. “How about we give it away to someone?” I swallowed my selfishness and we spent the next 20 minutes walking around downtown looking for someone who looked like they needed coffee.


We found her by the water fountain, holding the hands of her two energetic children. We walked up to her, “I have an odd question for you, do you like coffee?” Amy asked. “That’s not an odd question and yes!” The lady responded. “Then this is for you. It’s a voucher for a free pour over from Methodical.” We walked away grinning. It’s fun to brighten someone else’s day.


We were hungry but wanted to still be able to relax by the waterfall in Falls Park. So I grabbed the turkish towel that my mom gave me and stopped by Southern Pressed Juicery and picked out their Avo Basil Wrap (a combination of thinly sliced carrots, avocado and purple cabbage wrapped in rice paper and dipped in a basil, mint, lime sauce). We spread our picnic on the rocks next to the falls and ate as we journaled and took in the scenery.



The water tumbled down the rock face next to us, drowning out the noise of all the other people who had come that day.



“God has built creativity into creation as a gift.”


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We brought our time in Greenville to a conclusion by dancing in the shadows of the vacant Larkins on the River building.


And that, my friends, is how you could spend 22 hours in Greenville.

Do you love Greenville? Do you know of any favorite spots in Greenville that can’t be missed? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy Wednesday! -Gretta

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