Portraits || Alannah girl


Alannah came into our world four years ago. Her eyes were bright and inquisitive from day one. She was the type of newborn that you couldn’t help but stare at and she’d stare right back with what seemed to be a deep understanding of life.


She’s grown from a darling baby and charming toddler into a little girl walks and talks with grace and beauty. She’s full of darling comments that should be stored away in a jar and pulled out on grey days.


I asked her at church on Sunday what she’s looking forward to about her birthday party the next day and she whispered back, “Will there be food?” She’s a foodie, if ever I’ve seen one.


She’s a quiet soul; inquisitive and mysterious but full of big dreams. She’s sensitive and caring towards the feelings of others.


She’s going to go places, this one.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretta

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