I woke up in Australia

The sun rises over Brisbane City’s horizon. 721A0614
I feel God stirring deep inside and doing a new thing in me.
As I sit on the cold bench in the graveyard, I think about all that God did to bring me to this place and how all of my plans for this fall and winter dissolved and the door to come to Australia swung open.


This past June I was listening to a podcast one day during work and the speaker said, “If you died today, what would you regret not accomplishing? And what are you going to do to change that?” In that moment, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and sign up for a DTS with YWAM. One of my friends had attended a DTS a few years ago and had come back transformed. I wanted the joy and the boldness that I saw in her.


Earlier this year, I came home after working in a refugee camp in Greece. While I was there, I saw the depravity of the world in a very raw way.
Having witnessed so much darkness, I realized that my faith was weak and I needed to get a solid foundation in my faith. I needed discipleship.


Of all the YWAM schools around the world that offered a photography track, I couldn’t get the one in Brisbane out of my head. I signed up in August. A few weeks later, when I got the confirmation that I had been accepted, it was crunch time to get work squared away before I needed to leave in early October. My visa came in just the nick of time and I bought my ticket and started packing excitedly.


I’m in week six of my DTS (Discipleship Training School) and learning so much and laughing so often. God hand picked a really amazing group of people to be my “YWAM fam” and we have so much fun together.

The ball of fire in the sky continues to climb, bathing the world in brand new light. It’s a circle of light. Circles depict eternity to me and the deep commitment that comes with pursuing God. Circles tell my story so well. God keeps bringing me back around to places of need, and asking if I’m willing to let Him peel back another layer.


The layers feel like security blankets but what they’re really doing is blocking me from experiencing true life. They are blurring my vision from seeing life clearly; from God’s perspective. I work through one layer, only to discover that there are more layers that need to be peeled back. Coming back around to the same spot in a circle I ask the question, ‘Why am I still struggling through this?’ The undoing that God wanted to do frustrated the daylights out of me. But now I am beginning to see that it is part of the restorative process that is happening in me.
He brings me back to these places because He cares about me.
The very same thing that used to frustrate me, now comforts me.
The difference is this; now in my place of need, I am met by love.
Instead of frustration and defeat, I am met by God’s mercy and grace.
Peeling back the layers doesn’t feel good but it is ultimately for my good.
As the flaky, dead layers of doubt are removed, it reveals the brand new textures and colors of faith that He has placed inside of me.


He is making me new.

It’s been six weeks since I woke up in Australia with the strange sound of magpies singing loudly outside of my window. I walked in on Spring here in Aussie land. Normally, I’d be experiencing Winter this time of year. It feels significant the way that God has literally turned my Winter into Spring.

Stay tuned for an update on where I’ll be going during my outreach phase!

I’m hoping to use my blog as a journal of sorts over the next six months as I learn and grow and meet so many people and spread the love of Jesus.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article! I can definitely relate to the feeling of, “Why am I still struggling with this?” Thank you for sharing. You reminded me that things take time and that’s okay. God has a time and plan that is perfect and He can be completely trusted through it all!

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