Easter picnic


Last Easter morning, my niece Lakelyn was born. I remember gazing down at her and then looking out the window seeing that the grey and misty morning sky had cleared and light was bursting over the horizon. It was symbolic to the life and vibrancy that Lakelyn has added to our world.

This Easter, we celebrated her birthday underneath the oak in our backyard, surrounded by family and friends.




The same quilts that spent all winter keeping us warm in our beds retired from that task and were given a new assignment to spread themselves out over the carpet of lush, green grass. Rachel brought her boho beach throw and it made such an artsy addition to the mix of quilts spread on the lawn. The oak whose shade we spread our picnic under, danced in the wind at the sight of a party happening underneath its green limbs.

Weston climbed the tree above us, my phone tucked safely in his pocket to grab this shot. It sums up our day perfectly: it was a day of rest and relaxation.

IMG_9319 2

You know what’s still mind blowing to me? Jesus came to save us, to forgive us of our sins and lavish love on us. But there’s a part of the gospel that I hadn’t explored in depth until a few months ago; the fact that He came to give us rest. All my striving and earning and trying to live a holy life in my own strength is restless. It’s pointless. But when I tap into the fullness of His life, I can truly rest. The work of redemption is done. I’m leaning into this rest.


Lynette was the first to find a spot on the lawn, underneath the shade of her straw hat, a picture of the tranquility we all felt that golden afternoon. The children ran to and fro in the yard, delighted at the onset of summer.


It was a picnic in the truest sense, where everyone contributed and brought diversity and beauty to the crowd. There were deep conversations as well as simple fun and relaxation.






Mom brought out her legendary rendition of the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Salad which was spread on flaky croissants. Rachel added tacos and Merry contributed a creamy raspberry pie. Briana made lemonade that tasted like pure liquid sunshine.






The kids blew bubbles with gusto as the rest of us talked topics that were just as big and fragile as the bubbles floating through the air; racism, war and peace, success and growth to name a few.



And there was pavlova! Topped with fluffy whipped cream and fresh fruit.


Lakelyn has added a delightful element of humor and adventure to our family.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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