Join My Team

Hello! I’m Gretta and I would love to have you as part of our amazing team!!

Are you wondering what it means to be a Plexus Ambassador?

Well, it’s a lot like a Costco/Sam’s membership, only better!

-You aren’t required to sell anything.
-You can shop at wholesale (CHEAPEST) costs for 1 full year for only $34.95.
-You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products!

If you DO share Plexus with your family and friends and someone purchases from you, then you start making an income. It really is that simple! Plexus offers a super generous comp that easily helps you pay for your products, and I am honored and thrilled to have an ever-growing team that I am helping to THRIVE in their health!

There are:
-No minimums to stay “active”
-No inventory
-No deliveries
-No stock to purchase
-No parties needed
-No monthly membership or website dues (your membership is good for a full year)
-Website is provided (including all kinds of information for you and your customers) and no special skills needed to run it.

All I do is share what it has done for me, my family and friends!