Portraits || Alannah girl


Alannah came into our world four years ago. Her eyes were bright and inquisitive from day one. She was the type of newborn that you couldn’t help but stare at and she’d stare right back with what seemed to be a deep understanding of life.


She’s grown from a darling baby and charming toddler into a little girl walks and talks with grace and beauty. She’s full of darling comments that should be stored away in a jar and pulled out on grey days.


I asked her at church on Sunday what she’s looking forward to about her birthday party the next day and she whispered back, “Will there be food?” She’s a foodie, if ever I’ve seen one.


She’s a quiet soul; inquisitive and mysterious but full of big dreams. She’s sensitive and caring towards the feelings of others.


She’s going to go places, this one.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretta

Maxine’s Secret

I met Maxine yesterday. She caught my eye at a wedding I was shooting and when I had a little break from taking pictures of all the guests, I walked over to where she was sitting on a pew at the edge of the crowd giving her leg a rest.

We chatted for a few minutes and then I asked her, “What is your secret to living a long and happy life?”

She paused. Her eyes sparkled as she searched through the wisdom she possessed. “Honey, I’d have to say that one of my secrets is treating other people the way you’d like to be treated. And help other people because it’ll give you those good endorphins.”


-Maxine, age 91.

There’s so much to be said about how being selfless is linked to living a happy life. I’m looking forward to the wisdom and beauty that will come with growing old, but in the mean time, I’m gathering a collection of secrets to success from people like Maxine.

Have a happy Sunday! -Gretta

Dancing into the unknown


She was young. Her whole life was ahead of her.
Her eyes sparkled with the possibilities that lay ahead.

A flower girl, a nurse, a doctor, a wife, a mother.
These were a few of her wistful dreams.





She danced and she spun in the sunshine
and she laughed with un-abandoned joy.

She laughed at the days to come.
Because to her, life was simple and she enjoyed it to the fullest.



She dreamed, big colorful dreams.
Dreams of adventure, dreams of a life lived fully.

And as she danced and her eyes sparkled blue,
I saw the dreams of every little girl… Being fulfilled.



To be loved, cherished,
valued and accepted.

To have the admiration
of those closest to her.


I saw joy in her eyes,
joy from being accepted.

And because of that, her love for life
pulsated out of every graceful move.



I saw the way she noticed the little details in life
and loved the sacred, everyday moments.

She held life carefully in her hands
with a reverence and awe that inspired me to do the same.



I saw the way she danced and smiled her way into the future.
Savoring strawberries, one bite at a time.

Smelling the flowers and listening to the whisper of the wind
as she sat still, still for a moment on her Grandmother’s porch.


I saw beauty and bravery dancing together in her young life,
as she faced the growing years of her life with joy, with simplicity.

What I saw in her, gave me the bravery
to step out and join this beautiful dance that we call life…

To dance into the unknown.