You are loved.

Have you ever struggled to grasp that you are loved? I have.

My struggle to grasp love wasn’t as difficult in my human relationships and friendships; people that I could see with my human eyes. But I struggled to grasp the fact that an unseen Creator loved me unconditionally. For most of my growing up years, God felt distant to me. And so although I wanted a relationship with Him, I didn’t know how to go about it!

I remember praying one time that God would give me spiritual eyes to see, thinking that I would get some sort of perception of what other people were going through. But instead, God started showing me how He saw me. I was loved. I was worthy. I was accepted. And that’s what started me on this journey to go deeper with God.

God revealed the lies that I had believed to blind me from the fact that He not only loved me but He adored me and was so proud to call me His daughter. I’m learning that when we know that we are loved, it transforms the way that we live.

Now that I know that I am loved, I want everyone else that I come in contact with to know this LOVE as well!

So I’ve designed this T-shirt to remind you and me of the fact that we are loved. Click on the link below to go get yours!


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  1. Hey, thank you so much for your encouraging words! I too have struggled to grasp the great love of God at times. Your thoughts were a great reminder of His everlasting love. Thank you!

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