What’s Next?

When I went to Australia in October of 2017, I never dreamed that less than one year later, I would be going back! But here I am, with a two year visa and a heart full of anticipation.

Why Australia?

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane Australia.

I realize that some of you are new here and aren’t familiar with why I went to Australia in the first place! So let me explain… I wanted to attend a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with “Youth With a Mission” (YWAM) ever since one of my friends, Joy, attended one in Europe. I watched her life change in beautiful ways and I wanted to have the same passion for Jesus that I saw in her when she returned.

In early 2017, I found out about “Art Focused Discipleship Training Schools” and I began doing research to figure out which one would be a good fit for me. I narrowed it down to two different schools that both had a  photography focus. One was in Mexico and one in Australia. I had already been to Mexico before and really wanted to go someplace new and so I opted for Australia!

What is a D.T.S.? 

It stands for “Discipleship Training School.” Essentially I learned to know God on a deeper level and then I learned how to make Him known among the nations by going out and telling people about Him! It’s like a spiritual greenhouse and I grew so much!

I went with no idea of what God would do in me or through me. I simply wanted a more solid foundation for my faith. Over the course of the six months, as I learned about God, healed from my past, and continued to ask God to reveal more about His individual calling on my life, it became clear to me that this D.T.S. was a stepping stone into the future! God began to call me back to Australia. It was a process of unraveling as my own plans (and stubbornness) dissolved and God patiently waited for me to say, “Yes!” with all of my heart to His plan for this next season in my life. 

What will I be doing in Australia for two years? 

I will be a staff member at Y.W.A.M. Brisbane, which essentially means that I will be coming alongside of people who will be attending the next D.T.S. schools, just like the one I graduated from this Spring!

My time in Brisbane will be broken up into three phases starting in mid-September, 2018!

  1. Training and prep for School #1 (1 month), School #1 (6 months)
  2. Logistical Phase (5 months), Visit home (approx. 1 month).
  3. Training and prep for School #2 (1 month), School #2 (6 months), Wrap up (approx. 1 month). 

The school that I’ll be helping to staff is “Art Focused” so we’ll have all sorts of creative people there using their gifts in: music, art, dance, photography, film, coffee and communications! In short, we call it the “M.A.D. school” which is short for “Music, Art and Dance” even though it has since expanded to include the other arts that I mentioned above.

In less than a month, I’ll be going “down under” to join in on what God is doing through YWAM Brisbane.

I want to invite you to come along and share in this time with me, as I share stories and pictures on this blog, but also through my newsletter, where I will share more personally about what God is doing in my life. You can subscribe to both on the sidebar of this page.

It means so much to have you along on this journey!


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